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WE ARE NOW A 501-C3!

Did you know that most Shelter's only houses the animals that are picked up wondering for a total of 3 business days, from that point the animals are either euthanized or rescued!

Buttons Paws of Hope (BPOH) is a 501-C3 organization that rescues potential adoptable canines and felines from the euthanasia list. Our goal is to focus on non-euthanasia and place as many family's with new pets; Someone to show love and care to our four legged friends. 

Some of these animals have lots of time put into them; sometimes they are here for several months at a time. After running around loose, as a stray, the animal can be exposed to illness. So when signs appear we start treatment. Some have had: broken legs, lacerations, hit by a car, many have not been bathed or groomed for a long period of time, and some come in with serious viruses. Therefore we do have a Veterinarian on hand for these reasons.

Most shelters do not vaccinate until the animal has been adopted. This allows the animal to be highly exposed to illness. Which is caused from wondering as a stray, and being put into a facility where exposure is increased.  It is very important that they get vaccinated as soon as possible to start building an immunity to other illnesses. We, Buttons Paws of Hope (BPOH) vaccinate each animal the day it is rescued.

Buttons Paws of Hope (BPOH) tries to fill the need of an adopting family. Whether it is breed, size, or age specific we will try to help you find a new pet. Some adopters may have a baby on the way or may be elderly, so we will do the best of our knowledge to make the best selection to your needs. BPOH is here for your search, please let us help you find your next four legged friend.

Donations are always needed. If you are unable to adopt, you can make a donation by pressing the yellow "DONATE" button below. All donations go directly to the care and welfare of the animals.


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